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Recovering from Surgery

Now there is a title that might shock a reader or two….

Last post was Sunday –  when I ran a tough mountainous 18 miler the day after running  a really nice also hilly 5k. The aftermath of the tough weekend was some considerable soreness and some inflammation/irritation in the left knee. I took Monday off. Tuesday I went to the HDR track workout and warmed up. I felt really stiff as I did. A small group of us started a 5 x 4 minute workout. My goal was to do 5 reps of 1000 meters.  I started the first rep feeling clunky. I was only able to run about 960 meters. I decided that it was not my day for a speed workout.

I am learning as I get deeper into my 6th decade that it is better to delay a hard workout till my body is ready than it is to force my way through one when my body is fatigued.  I ran a few of the reps, very easy and then I headed to the Clayve. The workout there was also minimal.

Wednesday morning I met the Hillview kids at Marie kerr Park for a workout. We did our ” Gilligan’s Island” run: almost 5 miles, some hills, nice and easy.

Later, Oscar did a huge favor for me. He drove me down to Beverly Hills so that I could have Prk surgery on my left eye. This is like Lasik, except when they do Lasik the cut a flap in the lense of the eye and then do the reshaping under the flap. In Prk the reshaping is right on the eye’s surface. Since I have had radial keratonomy years ago and since I am under treatment for eye pressure problems (which leads to glaucoma) they recommended prk for me.

The surgery was very quick, and almost painless. They put some eye drops in that made the eye go numb and they did their thing. The anesthetic (and the Valium) did their thing till I got home. As the evening progressed so did the pain. Fortunately, they sent a bottle of the anesthetic eye drop home with me. Last night, use of the computer was out of the question. I could watch tv, if i did not actually watch it too closely. The instructions for the eye drops was no more than once an hour. As the evening progressed I went from 2 hours between getting closer to an hour.

I went to sleep fairly quickly at 10 and woke up at 11:30 needed an eye drop. I got one and went back to sleep. I woke up again every hour, within minutes of being exactly an hour, always needing another drop. I took a drop at 4:30. At 5:30 I woke up, but did not feel like I had to have the drop. I went back to sleep until about 9. I have been without the drops since them. Yeah! I  have been up and about wearing sunglasses ( or two pairs of sunglasses) I am writing this with my left eye covered so as not to aggravate it with the bright computer light. It seems like the worse is definitely over.

In a couple of days I should have vision in my left eye, equal to or better than my right eye. I am thinking that the improved depth perception will help prevent any further falls on trail runs. Erik will be able to take back the bubble wrap….

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