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This has been worse than expected

I have read about people having Lasik and going back to work the next day as if nothing happened. Of course, I did not have Lasik, and I was warned that the recovery would be more uncomfortable and that it would take longer….. but I did not expect this…

Surgery – Wednesday 3 pm. I rode home with Oscar and it was as if nothing happened. Other than having a really blurry left eye, I could have driven myself.  As soon as I got home the discomfort arrived. They gave me an anesthetic eye drop to be taken if things got really bad. By 5 pm I took a drop and was good for two hours. At 7 I took another. At 8:30 and then again at 10:00.  This was okay, I was allowed up to 1 drop an hour. At 11:25 pm I was awake and in pain – another drop. Then again 12:25, then 1:25, then 2:25, then 3:25, then 4:25. Seriously, it was 25 minutes after the hour, on the hour. At 5:30 I awoke and went back to sleep on the couch but did not take an eye drop. The 4:25 drop was my last one.

Still, my eye was irritated, and very sensative to light all day Thursday. I was not able to do much. Thursday night, was very long with constant sleep interruption.

Friday, I made my way to Marie Kerr for a run with the kids. I survived two laps and a few games of Frisbee golf. I ran okay, but felt a little woozy. The irritation got better mid day and into the evening. Friday night was once again a VERY long night.

I was supposed to meet Oscar for a run Saturday but at 5 I texted him and cancelled. I went back to sleep. Later I awoke and took my wife to some yard sales but I felt rather out of it. As the day went along, however, things got better. Saturday night I took an Excedrin PM to help get through the night. I slept on the recliner and slept straight through!

Sunday morning was much better. I did not plan a morning run since mornings had been so difficult. After Church I went for an easy 9 miler. My body felt okay, but I still am not feeling completely right. It is almost as if there is a disconnect between my head and my body. Once again, Excedrin PM and a great night’s sleep.

This morning I met the kids for a run. We did a lap around the park and then we did 3 person 200 meter relay races and 3 person 400 meter relay races. I felt normal part of the time, but seemed to tire too easily.

I headed to the doctor to have my eye checked out. After the surgery, they put in a contact as a sort of bandaid where they did the surgery. I was looking forward to having it removed. The doctor could not find it. It must have come out over the weekend. This would probably explain why the eye started to feel so much better Saturday.

I am registered for the Carlsbad 5000 Sunday. I am a bit apprehensive about it. These last 5 days should have included some key workouts to get ready. Instead I have been sitting around eating…..

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