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Month: April 2014

Go …. ing again

Go – verb, definition: “to ride an Elliptigo”  This is the verb of choice used by those in the know…. I put the Elliptigo in the car and took it […]

what to do while waiting…

My knee surgery is scheduled for 9 more days… Tuesday the 29th. I want to get it over with so I can recover and rebuild. Of course, the better fitness […]

Ride and Run

So, I rode my bike to school this morning. Cycling has no effect on my knee. For track practice, I decided to jog easy with the kids. Every practice during […]

14 Minutes

Clay loaned me Alberto Salazar’s book, “14 Minutes.” In 2007 Alberto’s heart stopped for 14 minutes. It is almost unheard of that a person survives 14 minutes without a beating […]

Up 45N8

The other track coaches are dragging their feet a bit. Our official track season begins Thursday. So, today and tomorrow we have two more days of running club. I took […]