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Up 45N8

The other track coaches are dragging their feet a bit. Our official track season begins Thursday. So, today and tomorrow we have two more days of running club. I took em down 45th to Ave N. Then we did our usual uphill climb route – 45th to N8 to 55th. This time we broke it up into 1 minute chunks. It took 8 reps for us to travel the 1.5 miles. Of course that does not mean we all ran 1.5 miles of intervals. When we do a rep, the leaders freeze at the end of time and the rest of us walk up to them for the next rep.

My knee went through a bout of twinging about half a mile in, but it went away. I eased into the hard part and the knee felt pretty good…. A couple of more twinges on the recovery…. An observation: My knee is most likely to act up when I am NOT pushing the pace..

At Joe Walker at 5:40 it was raining pretty good. It was cold. It was windy. Clay had already cancelled the Clayve that would normally follow. (His shoulder is soar from trying to keep up with me in our round of disc golf Saturday…) I cancelled the HDR track workout.

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