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Gonna have knee surgery…

Dr. Tony Smith, my chiropractor, is recommended that I see a surgeon that comes up to AVORS on Friday afternoons – Dr. Golden. Dr. Golden is part of the Cedar Sinai Orthopedic Team specializing in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. He used to work with the Patriots. He was not available this Friday, and I was not available the next. I did not want to wait 3 weeks for an initial consult so I made an appointment in Beverly Hills and went there to see him.

I took my MRI findings with me. He had x-rays taken as well. (No arthiritis – he says.)  He gave me three choices. 1) Change my habits – stop running,  2) He would drain the water and give me a cortisone shot, or 3) Have the torn part of the meniscus removed. I chose the latter. He explained that only a portion of the meniscus would be removed and that after he looks around in there he would have a better prognosis about my ability to continue running into the future.

The surgery will be on the 29th – down below…

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  1. Good choice dale! The meniscus surgeries are very commonplace now and you will be back and running better than ever in no time. I have had 4 such surgeries (2 on each knee) over the past 25 years. LoL You still might need to make some adjustments in your training habits , but you will feel like you have a new knee.

  2. I agree with Steve. You made the right choice. I had the meniscus removed from the inside of my knee in 1995. I was able to run competitively and enjoy the sport of distance running with very little discomfort for another 15 years. Two years after my knee surgery I was able to achieve my goal of running a sub-3 hour marathon. The biggest adjustment that I had to make in my training was to limit myself to just running on flat even surfaces.

  3. I still have both my meniscus and have never had knee surgery. I changed my habits to running on softer surfaces to save my spine. Degenerative Disk Disease is a problem with many runners and constant pounding on hard surfaces can give you problems as you age. Treadmill, Track and Trails!

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