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Poppy Trot Run

I figured that the poppy trot run would be a relatively good way to get in a run. The preserve is all trails and if I got achy I would never be all that far from the parking area. We had a really good crowd show up including some of our newer members. Alan got out last night and set up a contest for us….

20140419_080934 Here Alan explains… He put out 13 cans each with a set of cards. Each of the cards has a number. All the numbers in a can are the same. We were to go out and find as many cans as we could in about an hour. When we find the cans we take a card and leave the rest for others. 3 or 4 years ago we did this and Vanessa Lopez, her dad, and I ran a course that just about found every can. We won and Alan randomly chose a winner from among us. Vanessa. As we started today, Oscars says, let’s play follow the Lister.

So I head off the same as the previous time. Oscar, Dora, and three new club members: Nick Chung, Abby Brayton-Chung and Carol Facenelli all fall in behind me. After a while Aleksey Belikov caught us. The 7 of ran at a pretty good pace finding can after can. The ladies would drop just a little back but as we stopped to retrieve our cards they would catch up. About 40 minutes in we ran through the parking area. Abby stayed behind. The rest of us continued getting a little farther and farther strung out. When the hour was up we jogged in and proudly counted our our 80 points.

Since the cards possible were numbered 1 – 13 there were only 91 points possible! After a while some more runners straggled in including one who gathered 12 cards and 86 points.  So the rest of us were relegated to 2nd place…. Here is the picture of us 80 point (or more) gatherers…


Myself, Aleksy, Oscar, Dora, Nick, Carol and in the front our winner – Oscar’s niece, I believe….

I had a talk with Alan regarding next time. Some runners came in 20 or 30 minutes late – one after we had all snacked and posed for pictures… If the time is not limited to an hour, the runners will just keep going till they find them all. I am thinking, one hour time limit with a point per minute penalty for arriving late… just an idea….

20140419_094434 This is not all the participants. A few had already left and a few were out taking photos and one was still looking for cards.

My knee felt pretty good for most of the run. There was one section on a downhill that it got achy for a bit but then it got better again. I was even able to help Alan and jog back out to pick up a couple of the cans off of one of the loops. All in all I did close to 9 miles!

My knee

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