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what to do while waiting…

My knee surgery is scheduled for 9 more days… Tuesday the 29th. I want to get it over with so I can recover and rebuild. Of course, the better fitness I can maintain prior to the surgery the less re- there is in rebuilding….

Tuesday I had a high calorie burn day. I rode my bike to school. I went ahead and jogged to Greg Anderson with the team for practice and did a Sweet 16 workout with them. As usual I felt some pain during that warm up jog. Christian happened to drive by and told me he noticed me limping while I ran with the kids. I did not think I was limping…. The knee felt okay during most of the sweet 16 drills, which we did on the grass infield of the track. It did not like jumping on just the left foot and it did not like karaokes to my right. I jogged back to Hillview and rode my bike home.

I got a text sometime in the afternoon from Clay suggesting we ride Tuesday night at 7. So I coached the HDR workout, but did not participate. Then Clay and I rode to Karl’s and we did about 17 1/2 miles around the area between Clays and Highland High. I set a few PRs on Strava segments as I recall.

Wednesday, I went to see Clay at Valley Physical Therapy for some presurgery work. As usual I have really tightened up in the hamstrings. Something he had me do, perhaps the Val Slides got me sore…

Thursday I had to get to the Church quickly after track practice so I did no running or cycling.

Friday was Good Friday. It was also our first Track meet of the season. I only got to stay for the first half and I have not seen all the results. I will write about it early in the week. But I did note that our 8th grade boys look to be very strong. They set a new 4 x 100 record.  Leo, Cade, Bryce, Jason, Cole, and Brian came in 1 – 6 in the mile as I recall. Leo was about 5:02 I believe on a very windy afternoon. The 7th grade boys similarly dominated the mile….. Derek, Adam, Abraham, Lauro, Dmitri…. Natalie was 2nd in her mile to a very talented girl from Amargosa Creek.  I left early to get to church.  I saw on Facebook that the 8th boys missed the school record in the 4×400 by 1 second…

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