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Go …. ing again

Go – verb, definition: “to ride an Elliptigo”  This is the verb of choice used by those in the know….

I put the Elliptigo in the car and took it with me to school today. On Monday mornings we have a 6 am practice for distance runners. I got there a little early and unloaded it. Cielo, Cole’s mom, a runner, hdr member and Facebook friend drove by as I was setting it up and stopped to ask if it were the machine she saw me ride on Facebook….. I got the team together and we headed off for the same run as last week: We start with the “2 mile time trial loop” and then add 2 or 3 loops around the school depending on ability. Going uphill on Peonza the fast boys got a head start. As we turned onto Rancho Vista Blvd I upshifted and flew by everyone. I loved it. The kids definitely thought it was cool. I got down to cricket lane, made a U-turn and headed back uphill and into the wind for a bit until all the runners had passed me. Then I turned around and dashed back to the front once again. This was the pattern for the first two miles. I think I made 4 trips to the back and then each time rode back upfront to catch the boys. Once we got to the loops around the school, I looped with the kids. I downshifted and worked my way uphill and upwind up Peonza and Rancho Vista. Then I dashed down behind the school and did it again….. and again…. and again…. The runners did 4 or 5 miles, I did almost 8 in 40 minutes.

After school I got it back out of the car so Christian could give it a test spin. He did…. I was doing a quick loop when another teacher started to drive out. Ty, stopped his car right in the middle of the way and got out to investigate. He took it for a spin as well. The principal, Rob Garza came by and asked if I would have it around as he wanted to give it a try as well….. btw, after the HDR board meeting Jim Hasket and Erik Ruble tried it out….

I drove over to Valley Physical Therapy for my appointment. I parked in the back lot and headed in. When his aide, Aubrey started to take me to warm up on a stationary bike, I asked her to ask Clay if I could warm up on the Elliptigo.  Of course, Clay came out and walked me to the back lot and gave it a try. He rode off and Karl came outside asking if I thought Clay would come back….  After Karl’s test ride I circled around the alley and parking lots near his office for 10 minutes – 2.25 miles…. no wind, finally!

Clay and Karl seemed impressed with the quality of the workout that one gets…. Go-ing….. I am noticing that there is definitely more work done by the backside, the glutes and hamstring, than done while running. This, of course, is a good thing, as a “weak backside” is a weakness I have been working to overcome!

Tomorrow morning – arthroscopic knee surgery – I will keep you posted.  I covet your prayers….

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  1. I prayed that the Dr got a good night sleep and that he felt rested and had calm hands and that he remembered which knee he was suppose to operate on and that he would remember everything important from his med school, residency and past operations that were similar. You should be good. Get well soon!

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