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Waiting Game

Not sure why I chose that title. This is not a game. I am just waiting. Tuesday Oscar drove me to Beverly Hills for my knee operation. It went well. We were done by about noon as I recall. We stopped for a sandwich on the way home. Crutches were not needed to get into and out of the Subway restaurant. I got home and marveled at how little I hurt. Until around 7 pm. At first I could feel that it was starting to ache. Within an hour I was in full discomfort. I tried the couch. I tried my recliner. I tried the floor. There was no place to go and escape.

Knowing that sleep was not going to happen much I sent my wife to bed and stayed up very late on the computer. I tried sleeping on the recliner, but I kept snoring myself awake. I moved to the floor with pillows all around and found just the right position to catch a few z’s.

Wednesday transitioned from fairly bad to better. I spent most of the time on my computer making vacation plans. I reached a point where I could get around with just one crutch.

Thursday I awoke and headed over to Palmdale’s city hall area. There is a park just outside where they held the mayor’s prayer breakfast. One of our church Pastor’s has an organization called the King’s Table which was hosting the event. He heard that I was off of work and wondered if I would be able to hobble enough to lead a couple of songs. I did. I ended up on TV…. and in the paper. prayer breakfast singingLater in the day I got ambitious enough to take Cheryl to Sears. I wandered around on one crutch. After, not too long I felt like I needed to head home. I was not in real pain, but I was exhausted. The knee was still swollen so I got home and put it up.   Today, Friday, I have been real good. I am able to wander about the house without a crutch, but I have not gone anywhere and I am keeping it up most of the time….

I did get an email from the Elliptigo people. I wrote them regarding their PR Initiative. In this program a number of Elliptigo users (current and new) would be selected to receive a custom training program from Greg McMillan. New owners would actually get a chance to return the Elliptigo if they did not get a PR. I wrote to ask for the training plan without the guarantee, seeing as how I just had surgery. They replied that all of their participants will be working through their training plans at the same time starting in May so it would not work for me. They did let me know that McMillan was going to be putting some information up on training with an Elliptigo. And that perhaps there would be a second PR Intitiative that I could go for.  They did take a look at this blog and the fact that whatever I do with the Elliptigo will be done publicly…. We are both interested to see how this goes.

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