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Side Trip

I have a couple of days left of my forced vacation. The district will not let me go back until the doctor clears me, but the doctor will not see me till Monday….. The knee is starting to feel almost normal now. I have not tried running but I have done some cycling on an exercise bike I have at home. It spins pain free.  I also noted that I can now bend it better than I could before the surgery.  Yeah! So, on a side note, Sea World has a deal this year for teacher – FREE. You sign up and they give you a free annual pass if you are a teacher. Cheryl and I are both teachers so we got two free passes. One catch to the deal was that it had to be initiated within the next few days. Our first trip had to happen now, or it would be too late. I had planned to go a couple of times earlier and it never worked out. So, I figured I would test the knee with some wandering around Sea World today. It did great.  Yeah! 20140509_094908Here is my attempt at a selfie with Cheryl and some flamingos…. Cheryl has a habit of winning things…. She enters lots of online contests and she wins things. Probably the best so far is my Kindle Fire! A while back she won two passes to a whale watching trip out of Dana Point! Sounds like some fun for tomorrow!

The sentence above was the original end to this post…… but….. Cheryl just asked me, “What is a Fit Bit One?”  I told her it is an activity tracker. I was researching them a while back, when she won another activity tracker called Shine… (we cannot use the shine without an Iphone as of yet.)  So, back to the Fit Bit, she says she just won one. Reading from her computer she says, “Yours was one of the most liked photos submitted on Sun Maid’s “Raisin Your Workout” contest.”  I asked her what photo she sent….. well, here is what you can now find on Sun Maid’s Facebook page… sunmaid raisins

And I suppose a new Fitbit One is on its way…..

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