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Pretty in Pictures

I saw Dr. Golden for my follow up finally today. He said that I was the kind of patient he liked to operate on. He explained that usually when gets inside a knee there turns out to be more than one issue going on. So, he is never certain how well the patient will be able to recover. In my case, though, there was one and only one issue. Everything else turned out to be fine. He went through a series of pictures pointing out the various ligaments and areas of the meniscus in my knee and how good they all looked. 20140512_201629

He went on to the next page….

20140512_201709The upper right picture shows the tear:


The lower right picture shows the meniscus with the torn area removed:


There has been a section removed, but there is still lots of meniscus there…. nice!  He figured that I would be able to return to full strength and speed. On the other hand, he was not too pleased about the bike riding….. too much too soon.

Later I headed over to Clay at Valley Physical Therapy to begin official rehab. One thing we worked on is the plantar fasciitis…. on the right foot. You would think that, with all this rest my plantar fasciitis  would be behaving, but it is not.  It hurts lately when I get up in the morning and even when I have been sitting for a while. I typically try to stretch it out as I get out of bed, and the last couple of mornings it has hurt through the stretch.

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