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Ready, Set, GO!!!

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Today we did another Jamba Run!  Christian met me there before school. We put his bike in my van and left his pick up truck there. I had my Elliptigo on a platform on the back. After school we rode while the kids ran. Well, the kids plus Oscar and Erik! Godfrey drove the back packs and took the above pictures.  I rode forward and backward to check on the kids and to get a little better workout. My knee felt fine. It does not feel 100% yet, but I can GO painfree as long as I do not push it too hard.

The runners ran 4.3 miles. I GOed 6.8. I wore a heart rate monitor and 82% of the time, 33 minutes, I was in the “moderate range” between 102 and 135.  Looking at some easy runs, this is comparable. It was not quite the equivalent of a Jamba run but it was reasonably close.  The main difference I believe is the fact that you are on wheels. Gravity and wind are capable of giving me FREE motion, but there is no FREE motion in running unless you are falling down a hill.

On Training Peaks, the Elliptigo ride was given a training stress score of about 30. An easy Jamba run would be around a 40-45.

After the ride I headed over to Valley Physical Therapy to see Clay. He had me warm up and worked on me a bit. He is encouraging me to get GOing, to start my rebuild by training on the Elliptigo with an equal amount of easy spinning….

So, Here I GO!

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