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Riding round town

Clay wants me to do some Elliptigo and some riding…. as long as the riding is low stress, So I got up and rode my road bike to Hillview this morning. Mornings are typically pretty nice for riding. It was a little windy but not too bad.

After school I got out of a meeting got changed and onto my bike with a half hour to get to Valley Physical Therapy. Some quick calculating told me I would be late. I figured it was about 9 miles and I know my morning 6 mile commute typically takes 24 minutes. On the other hand, the ride would be all downhill and downwind. It was a fun ride. I covered the 9 miles in 28 minutes and walked in the front door about 1 minute late. Normally I start with a 10 minute warm up, so I walked up to the counter, wheeling my bicycle, smiled at Aubrey and said I’m already warmed up….

The physical therapy included some more ski erg… 500m in 2:04. 10s quicker than Friday. Clay had me do some walking on the treadmill alternating with jogging at walking pace.  Walking I could feel my Plantar Fasciitis on the right heel. Jogging I could feel it a bit in the left knee. Turns out my left leg has already undergone significant atrophy during this recovery… bummer.

Riding home from Clay’s was the definitive opposite of the previous ride. The ride was 8 miles, always into the wind, uphill by 400 plus feet, I kept it on the small front sprocket and switched around the middle gears of the back. I kept the rpm up so as not to stress the knee. The last part climbing into my tract was in the very lowest gear. 8 miles in 49 minutes….

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