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Elliptigo Commuting

Yesterday I rode the Elliptigo both ways to Hillview. I started at 6:40 am. About a half mile in, I considered turning back. I was not sure how long it would take. Riding my road bike takes 23 – 26 minutes. Running takes 52 – 55. I had 40 or so to play with….. and the forecast called for WIND! As I rode along the wind did not seem too bad. It was there, coming out of the West, impeding my progress, but it still felt like I could move okay. The last part of the climb on Bolz Ranch and the final climb up Peonza Lane in front of the school made for a tough finish. Still, it took only 32:58.  I made it with time to spare, walked it passed the principle’s office (he wants to give it a try) and up to my room.

After school, after coaching the running club I climbed aboard and rode it down the hallways and out the door by the gym. It was raining. Cade offered to call me a ride, but I figured that I would give it a GO. I put on an extra t shirt for warmth, but a cap under my bicycle helmet to keep the rain out of my eyes and got GOing. The rain, which was light in the first place, stopped and I had a dry ride home. The wind was stronger now. The afternoon wind typically comes from the Southwest so it is only a benefit when I am heading east. It is a hindrance when I go south.  Still, I made my way home. I am getting the feel for riding it. It actually handles really well. I am comfortable taking corners on it, without slowing down much. If I am on a street with a sidewalk, fighting a headwind (not moving too fast) I can ride it nicely on the sidewalk. So far I am pleased… The ride home was 28 minutes.

I have started to try to look at the heart rate and training data and it is not coming out right. I have been riding with my older Garmin 305. It has a bicycle mode and my new Garmin 620 does not (they are scheduled to release a firmware update which will add this.)  My old Garmin’s heart rate monitor though has gone wonky. On the last road ride it had heart rates all the way up to 250…. I will try to sync the new heart rate strap with the 305 to get some better data.

Oh, one more piece of news. I got an email from Elliptigo saying that I was accepted into their PR Initiative Training group. So, I believe this means that I will be getting a custom training program from Greg McMillan….. cool…

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