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Elliptigo commuting again

Yesterday I posted about Tuesdays ride to and from work. Today I did it again. My times for both rides were faster.  The morning ride had similar wind resistance to Tuesdays, but I got there faster. The ride home, once again had that southerly wind that fought me as I headed south on 30th and on 25th. Still I got home about a minute faster. I had extra encouragement to get home faster as a thunderstorm had started. From Highland to home I got rained on. I seemed to be on the edge of the storm. There were lighting strikes to the northeast of me. By the time I got to my neighborhood they seemed to be getting closer and the rain was really coming down. After I got inside the lighting was affecting my homes electricity… Hmmm, two afternoon rides, two bouts of rainy weather… in the desert… how odd.

I was not able to get my old Garmin 305 to pair with the heart rate monitor which came with the 620. Pretty sure that it should, but not so far. The old heart rate monitor always starts with really high readings and then it stabilizes. Still looking at the latter part of today’s rides I had heart rates between 110 and 140 (climbing the hill into the neighborhood)  I looked at some easy runs. One particular was an easy run of a couple of laps around Marie Kerr Park. My heart rate on this run stayed around 115 to 120….

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