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Training Hike

My daughter Annie is going to England for a trek this week. She will be hiking 10 or so miles per day. So, she called yesterday and asked if we wanted to go for a hike with her. She wanted to do 5 or 6 miles. I offered a nice level walk on the aqueduct or a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. She opted for the latter. I was not sure how my knee would do but I figured it would be okay.

We hiked the PCT from Bouquet Canyon up to Pelona Ridge and back down. It was warm out there and Cheryl had to take it pretty easy going up but we all made it. Going down Cheryl and Annie were actually letting gravity pull them into a trot every now and then. It was very tempting, but I resisted the urge to join them and carefully hiked down the mountain.

I posted the hike on Strava and have already received some Kudos. The only reason for mentioning it here is that the first Kudo came from Manuel Jaou, Lisbon Portugal.  Curious… Why is Manuel, from Portugal checking out my little hike on the PCT? I thought perhaps Manuel was a through hiker. We did see 8 or 10 hikers out there today on their way from Mexico to Canada. I stopped and chatted with a few. They were from places far and wide, world wide.  Alas, Manuel posted his activity for the day and his activity was a 1 mile recovery run in Lisbon…. Interesting…

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