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Lots of riding – Elliptigo and road bike…

Yesterday, I rode the Elliptigo to Hillview for another commute ride. Each ride seems to be just a little quicker than the one before. 15 or so of my runners showed up to run after school. I hopped on the Elliptigo and we headed down the hill so we could “run” back up doing hill sprints. The runners and I did 8 repeats of 45 seconds each. The boys refer to the Elliptigo as the “Ellegant Grasshopper” On each start, they would of course take off ahead of me. I would accelerate much more slowly but if the hill and the headwind did not get too steep I would gain. The 45 seconds was not always fast enough to catch all of them. Of course the ride back down to Hillview afterward was much easier for me. After practice I rode it home.  It was pretty warm out there for practice and the ride home. I looked it up on my phone upon arrival and it said 96!  So, I have discovered another advantage to training on the ellliptigo. You are getting a workout similar to a run, but because of the increased speed of your motion, your cooling system works way better. The Elliptigo will make a good summer run alternative.

Total Elliptical Miles 15.5 in 1 hour 18 minutes.
Total GO miles so far 62

Today, I gave the Elliptigo the day off and I rode my road bike to Hillview (new record – 22:36)  I also rode it with the team for a workout. I assigned them to do our 2 and 4 mile time trial course, but not as a time trial. Once the team got onto Bolz Ranch road I took advantage of some loops through the neighborhood to loop behind the team. This way I could catch the stragglers if they gave up on the running and started to walk. I nabbed a few of them.  After practice I headed from Hillview to Valley Physical Therapy for my session with Clay.

My physical therapy session included Clay stretching me (very beneficial, very painful), 3 laps of inch worms, 3 x 20 squats, 5 sets of bridges, a 500 meter ski -erg (158.4) and 5 x 20 flamingo ball rebounding. I just made up the “flamingo” name. You stand on one leg and toss a heavy ball against a rebounder which bounces it back to you.

After physical therapy, of course, I had to ride my bike home…. another 10 miles. The wind was pretty consistent from due west so it was not too difficult. Until, of course, I got off the aqueduct over by the Palmdale Transportation center. The last couple miles had all the climb and all the wind…

Total Road Bike Miles 31.2 in 2 hours 18 minutes
Total Fuji Road Bike Miles so far 4431

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