Trial Run….

First – catch up info:

Thursday the club ran to Vince’s Pasta and Pizza. The path way crosses the desert from M to L so I could not Elliptigo or ride my road bike. So I drove….

Friday AND Monday were just about identical. Ride my road bike to Hillview. Ride from Hillview to Valley Physical Therapy, do a workout there including squats, ski erg etc., and then ride 10.5 miles home INTO the wind.  The wind seems to get worse each time I try the ride….

Tonight I headed to the HDR speed workout. I put on my running clothes so that I could give running a try. I ran a couple of laps pain free. On the third lap my knee started to ache just a bit. I stopped and led the others through some leg swings and some heels and toes. I assigned 3 x 7 minutes. I started the first one with the group but stopped right away – the knee was achy I did not feel I should push it.

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