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much much better…

School is out. It is time to summer!  (I have decided that I should use that word as a verb.)

The last day of school, yesterday, was a relax and Elliptigo day. I rode it to Hillview in the morning. Hung around doing not too much of anything all day – and took it on my longest ride yet going home. I left Hillview and headed down to Ave N, and the up Goode as far as the aqueduct. I took the aqueduct southeast to Highland and headed home. 10 miles in 45 minutes.

Today, I headed over to Marie Kerr for our first summer XC practice. We had a good turnout of 20 or so runners. It was nice to see a fairly even mix of boys and girls for a change! I headed out with the team for a loop around the park – 1.5 miles and it felt pretty good! Afterward we did a shorter version of my sweet 16 workout. The knee felt fine for these as well! Last, we played some “Sharks and Minnows.” I played, but was careful not to get too excited and over exert things… All in all, I covered 3 miles of pain free running!

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