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Elliptigo PR Initiative at work…

I received a 7 or 8 page questionnaire from Greg McMillan so that he can make an Elliptigo based running/training program so that I can shoot for a PR. It took me a few days to fill it out. The goal race I am shooting for is the Venice Christmas Run 10K on December 6, 2014.  This is the 10k where I set my current PR in 2014. I figured the longer the race the better the shot at a PR given my natural proclivity to endurance over speed, but the shorter the race the better shot I have of being fully ready for the race given my current rehab and injury status. Clay and Oscar have said they will shoot for PRs at this one too. This is awesome, because the more people you can get with the same goal the more consistent everyone can be in their training.

Yesterday, I got in another run. This time I did two consecutive 1.5 mile loops of Marie Kerr. The knee felt fine. Overall, it felt like the last couple of miles of a marathon….. I have a long rebuild ahead of me. Afterwards I headed over to Christian’s house (a good friend, and our HDR club web guy) to help him load his moving truck. He has sold his house and is moving to Minnesota! I got in a lot of work there helping him.

Funny thing. My knee is doing well. My right heel, not so well. I have had reoccurring plantar fasciitis there for some time. Over the last year it has been a little bothersome but there has always been something more bothersome, so it has been pushed to the back burner. I figured with a month off from running it would mend itself. On the contrary, it has gotten worse. The last few days it has been painful the first few steps everytime I get up from a moment of rest.

In the late afternoon I went to see Clay at Valley Physical therapy and he worked on it. My plan is to keep supportive cushioned shoes on at all times and to where my stretching boot whenever I am sitting for long periods or sleeping. We will see if it gets better the next few days. It is somewhat better today than yesterday.

While at Clay’s I earned a PR!  Clay has had me doing the Ski Erg as part of my training. I did 500 meters in 1:54.0.  My previous PR was 1:54.8 set in January 2013.  I jokingly told my wife that I already got my first PR with the Elliptigo and she asked if the Elliptigo really helped with it. I was about to dismiss the thought when it occurred to me that it probably did. Riding the Elliptigo is much more upper leg intensive than running. It also requires that you maintain your upper body in a set position while the legs are “Going” underneath it. You do not have the seat of a bicycle and you do not have the firm unmovable earth contact that you have in running. Your upper body sort of hovers there. You really notice it when you coast for a moment and you have a chance to straighten both legs and restore your bodies full standing position.

I rode the Elliptigo some more this morning. I rode to Hillview and back in one continuous ride of 11.5 miles. I believe that as I get better at the Elliptigo, I need to develop more consistently quick turnover.

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