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Yet another PR!

-Yesterday at Clay’s office I did the Ski Erg for another 500 meters. Last time I PRd at 154.0.  This time I broke it once again at 153.6!

Today I met the Hillview runners at Marie Kerr Park. We headed up 30th west, behind Highland High School to Ave P-12. This first part is a bit over a mile. I have 5 or so that are not yet able to run that far, but everyone is improving. At P12 we did 30 second sprints up the street and left up the aqueduct access road. On the first sprint I was way in back and feeling like I must be slow. On the 2nd, as the hill got steeper, I found myself much closer to the front of the pack. On the next couple I continued to be near the leaders, actually feeling fast and strong.

I need to rebuild endurance, buy I am feeling like I am in pretty decent shape…. Even the other day, at church, we were moving chairs for a lunch and I found myself able to easily pick up a stack of 5 or 6 and carry them from room to room. The other men were grabbing 3. In previous years I would have been grabbing 3.

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