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Run in the Park – Frisbee Race – Ski Erg PR

First…. the right foot Plantar Fascitis is achy today. Yesterday I had it X-rayed to rule out bone spurs. The X-ray came out fine. Still there is a mass of matter right in the middle of the pad of the heel that can be painful the first few steps after….. well after not stepping…. sitting for awhile, sleeping, etc. Once I get moving it is okay and does not typically make itself noticeable in the middle of running, riding, elliptigoing, etc.

20140612_145907So this morning I met the Hillview runners. We did 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 loops around the park (depending on ability, I did 2) Then we did some team frisbee races. I typically call these frisbee golf, but there is really very little in common with actual frisbee golf. This is a team race trying to get frisbees around the park to certain targets. The adults won 2 out of 3 races. Not that we had the fastest runners nor were able to throw the farthest, we just worked the smartest…

This afternoon I headed over for another PT appointment. Clay was out so Karl worked on me. Same drill…. The exciting part was yet another PR on the ski erg.  I knocked 2 seconds off this time: 500 meters in 1:51.6

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