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I Have a Plan – a McMillan running custom plan…

My custom training plan arrived yesterday. This is the plan promised as par of Elliptigo’s PR Initiative program.  Greg McMillan (or one of his associates) has mapped out a day by day plan for my training from next Monday all the way to the Venice Christmas 10K on December 7.  I am a little surprised that they gave me such a lengthy plan. I figured that they would give me a typical 8 or 12 week plan for the last part leading up to the race and I would have to figure out how best to prepare to get ready for the plan. Instead the plan starts where I am and builds all the way until i go for a PR in December.

The plan is an excel file with separate instructions for each day. I have glanced at the entire file but have not looked closely at all of the parts yet. The first two weeks are the two weeks of my vacation. It calls for easy runs and cross training building up to runs of 1 hour by the end of the trip. This is actually a build up as I have not gone more than about 3 miles on my return to running. Today I totaled 4 and a half but only 2 were continuous.

When I return home the plan starts to call for specific time spent on the Elliptigo in addition to the time running. It also begins to get specific with types of runs. The first Tuesday is a stride workout. 10 x 20 seconds with 1 minute recovery… I can do that with the HDR group… 10 x 100 meters with 200 meter recoveries… There are 3 Elliptigo rides of an hour each that week. AND it calls for me to go ahead and race the HDR XC race.

The questionnaire asked about race that I wanted to do along the way. The XC races were includes along with the YMCA Turkey Trot. I have the freedom to add cross training, i.e. cycling and Clayve workouts, but the instructions are to be careful not to do cross training at an intensity level that would make more sore or not recovered for the main running workouts.

Sooooooo….. Here We Go!!

(Hope my heel cooperates…)

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