Lots of stuff…. only a little running

1: I went to Cerritos over the weekend to take the USATF Level 1 coaches certification course. These are some very LONG classes. Everytime I go to a class or clinic I get one or two nuggets of gold. Most are probably the same nuggets that have passed by before, but this time they caught my eye. The first was an emphasis, that I have been heading to anyway, on speed much more than endurance for young distance runners. The last year or two I have been trying to do much more in the way of drills and speed games to work on form and speed. The other nugget was that I have been doing B skips wrong….

2: This morning we had another Hillview practice. We did the “Sweet 16” workout. This is a workout which works on form drills and short sprints…. speedwork…. It happens to go on so long that it inevitably builds endurance as well.

3: Think I’ll put #3 in a seperate post….. I have a plan…..

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