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Fun at the Park

One of the best things about holding practice at Marie Kerr Park is doing partner tortures by the playground. Today we ran a big loop plus small loop warm up and then divided into teams of 3. Then the “torture” began!

The first run was the typical counter clockwise around the bigger kid’s playground, over the picnic tables, up the ramp onto the playground equipment and back, while your partner does planks.

The second was to the right over to the mini-wall by the basketball courts. Once there you had to do 10 step ups with each leg. (This wall is a little tall and a little challenging for step ups.) Then clockwise around the basketball courts and along the other little wall. I am trying to get the kids to try to pick up the pace a bit on the wall, but most just walk slowly as to not fall off. The accompanying exercise was table tops.

The 3rd was wall climbing. They had to go into the bigger kids playground, find a spot on the wall and hop/climb to the top 3 times. Then they ran to the little kids playground and did the same, while their partner did side planks.

The 4th was counter clockwise a little more than 90 degrees around the big playground, then left turn straight over (down) the wall into it. There are two swings. They had to go through the swings. Some of the bigger faster kids simply jumped through, others grabbed the chains and pulled the feet up and over. Then they had to go over to the little kids playground, over the railing and across the monkey bars. The exersize was surfboards – an upward facing plank.

The 5th and final was around the bigger kids playground, into the little kids’ playground over the railing, over the picnic tables, over the railing into the bigger kid’s, up the straight slide onto the equipment and down the steps. The exercise was sit ups.

Later, I saw Dr. Heller, a podiatrist at AVORS, to discuss my plantar fasciitis. He examined me and determined that my pain was due to an inflamed bursa, the pad in the heel. He said that these take a long time to heal on their own, but that they respond well to cortisone shots. So he gave me a shot to numb my foot and then gave me a cortisone shot in the pad of my right heel. As I write this, it feels like my foot is asleep…. it is completely numb. He did not give me any other instructions other than to give it a “day or two” and then I could run again.

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