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Feeling Better on the road to Jamba …

A run to Jamba Juice almost always makes me happy.  Aches and pains magically go away… well not really, I remember one time ….. never mind.

Still, today I took the Hillview runners on their first run to Jamba Juics for the summer. My knee and heel both cooperated and I had a pain free run. The run included a lap around Marie Kerr so it was around 4.2 miles long. (Strava shows a shorter distance – I did not get it started for more than half a mile.) Running down Bulldog Lane(P8) Oscar started going faster and faster. I went with him for a mile or so. It looks like the pace got all the way down close to 7 min/mile. At this point we started catching runners from the group that had not gone around the park. I slowed a bit to encourage them, to tell them at what frequency they could take walk breaks…

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  1. so glad it was pain free, I would do lots of little 20-30 min runs with ample rest between before building many miles and longer runs. Take your time. Fastest way to another injury is pressing. I have an achilles tedonitis to prove it.

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