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Alaska 2014 – Day 2

Today has been another fun day in Alaska. We drove about 40 miles south of Anchorage to a community called Girdwood. We rented another tandem bicycle and headed out for a ride. The ride was out and back on a bike path called Gird to Bird. The bike shop guy said there was 1 hill…. I should remind him that when you are riding a cruiser style tandem with big fat tires, every little incline is HILL… The path paralleled a highway and a train track, but it was mostly separate enough to give you the feeling of seclusion in the forest. We only came upon two other bikes…. well, them and about 20 13-14 ish boys and girls riding along on cross country roller skis.  I got some of them in this video:

Somewhere, while reading about this bike path I came across something about Beluga whales. The path was almost always too far from the water to see any marine life, so I figured this was an impossibility. Then while shooting another video, I spotted one….. sort of….

The rest of the day was spent with a visit to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and a ride on the Alyeska Tram…

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  1. You have the same video on here twice, no roller skiers in either one. Great pics, looks so nice I will be right there, catching the next flight.

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