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Alaska 2014 – Day 3

Started the day with a run. I headed off with a plan to head off to see how far it was to the bike path we rode on Sunday. Within two blocks, however I spotted a lake with float airplanes parked in it and a path headed along side.

20140624_064134There were signs with little pictures of bicycles and walkers, so I could tell they intended bikes and runners to use the path. The funny thing is the path headed into the float plane airport.

20140624_064026I followed the signs and the pathway until I figured that I was looping the lake that the planes used for their airport. There was also a runway and such for regular planes – hence the sign…. All in all I ran just about 4 miles in sub 8:30 pace.

Then we headed downtown and checked out the Anchorage Museum…
One thing that caught my eye was the photo of a foot race held in Anchorage on the 4th of July, 1911 for women. Note the big crowds watching the race…. and the less than aerodynamic clothing that they wore…

20140624_110708 In addition to the historical and art exhibits. They had a kids discovery section. Well, being a big kid myself, I enjoyed lots of what the had to offer… The only thing I managed to capture in a picture or video was a big bubble making exhibit….. fun..


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