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Alaska 2014 – Day 4

I am uncertain about internet access after today… so future submissions may be fewer and farther between….

Today, Connie and Dan Hess joined us and we drove to Portage Lake. We took a cruise out to see Portage Glacier.

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As you can see, it was rainy… but we got a nice view of a glacier!

Next we caught a train out to a remote part of the wilderness, only accessible by train. We got off and took a hike out to Spencer Glacier.  Here is a panorame. I hope you can zoom in on it…..

20140625_150608Just in case, I also took this video…

It was rather impressive. Not that the glacier was huge, but that we were standing at the shore of this lake and icebergs were floating around all pretty and blue. It was other worldly. Smaller chunks washed right up to shore and we took them out and ate them! All the while it rained, but no one seemed to mind. We enjoyed a walk back to the train and then a ride on it watching for wildlife… we did see an eagle in its nest….

The hike was about 2.5 miles. Other walking on the day brought the total up to about 4.  I am calling that my cross training for the day.

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