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Alaska 2014 Day 6

Now that I have internet again I am endeavoring to catch up with my blog posts. Some posts were partially written during the trip, but I was unable to upload them …..

Lots of fun and excitement on Day 6 – Friday the 27th!  Lots of exercise too! We awoke early – I was going to say before dawn, but dawn is about 2 am here right now…. In fact I saw that sunset tonight is set for around 11:30 pm. So, we woke up around 5, got our stuff downstairs, checked out of the Hotel Seward, checked our bags to be transferred straight to the ship (nice service!) and caught a cab out to Miller’s Landing. There we went on a kayaking excursion. We chose this particular excursion, not because it sounded like the most exciting, but because it was the one we could get with a two for one coupon on our Toursaver app. We have been worrying for weeks that it would be cold, rainy and / or windy for this trip, but it was none of the above. We had a morning with full-fledged cloud failure! There was lots of blue sky all over the place. It was 50 plus degrees at 7 am, there was no wind, and Resurrection Bay was super flat!


We paddled about 3 miles in just over an hour….

kayak route After our 3 mile paddle we got out and took a nice little hike to see a water fall – Bridal Veil Falls – I wonder how many water falls are named Bridal Veil Falls – I know of one in Utah….


Then we paddled back…


We caught a cab and headed straight to the Celebrity Millennium, our cruise ship, docked in Seward. We boarded, had some lunch, and relaxed for awhile. Then we headed to our room. The very next thing I did was head up to deck 11 for a run. This ship had the smallest track of any ship I have run on thus far. It was 6 laps to get 1 kilometer.  I ran for 30 minutes and counted off 35 laps. This would be 5.83 kilometers or 3.6 miles. Garmin had the run at 3.27….

Tomorrow will be a day of rest –  a sea day. The ship will go into a special park to get a close up look at Hubbard Glacier!

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