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Month: July 2014


My training plan called for a 60 minute recovery Elliptigo ride. As I did it, I appreciated that the word “recovery” was placed into the description of what I was […]

Run, Go, Ride Tri

I did a triathlon today! Not your conventional tri, there was no swimming. I ran, rode the Elliptigo and rode my road bike.  My workout plan called for a 70 […]

Kayaking, racing, etc….

Wednesday I took the day off. Thursday I went to Marina Del Rey with Clay, Tania and Kendall to do some Kayaking. Clay has two 1 person kayaks and a […]

Easy Day at the Park

First, last night I did a Clayve workout. Clay, Zac, Rachel, Bryan and I did a fun variety of craziness… and once again, I am sore, but only the very […]

Run n Go

My Elliptigo PR Initiative training plan called for a run and Elliptigo back to back combination workout today. I believe the actual write up said 45 -60 minutes of each. […]

First XC race of the season

And the first race since the surgery…. and all that time off recovering…. and all that time taking it easy waiting for it….. I am not in the shape I […]

I was scheduled for a 60 minute Elliptigo ride yesterday, but I could not squeeze it in. Well, if I got up early enough I could have, but I opted […]

HDR workout mystery ….

Last night I did my first “speed” workout of my PR Initiative training plan. Actually the workout was a stride workout. The instructions were to do 15-20 minutes warm up, […]