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Alaska 2014 – Day 10

This was the big day. This was the day we had been anticipating.  The port was Icy Strait Point. Icy Strait Point is a small port. They took a closed down canning factory about a mile from the native village of Hoonah and made it a cruise ship destination. Hoonah is not set up for tourists, so the only thing to do were the activities set up at Icy Strait Point. They had a number of tours. They had whale watching with a money back guarantee which was intriguing. They had kayaking. We, however, opted to go for a ride on what was advertised as the world’s highest and longest zip rider. Reading on line it turns out to be 2nd longest, but perhaps it is higher, or perhaps the other one is not called a Zip-Rider…. In any case, this zip line ride starts at 1300 plus feet on the side of the mountain and zips down in one fell swoop, more than a mile in length back to Icy Strait Point.

They loaded us on a bus and drove us through Hoonah giving us a little tour, and then up a dirt road into the wilderness. At the top, the road became too steep for the bus so we had to walk the last quarter mile on our own. Once we arrived at the top, the simply buckled us in, 6 at a time, and let us go. Cheryl and I were the first in line, along with four young guys. When they buckle you in you put your feet up on the wall in front of you. Before you know it they do a quick countdown, the wall turns out to be a door, it opens and off you go.

I immediately rotated to my left and Cheryl a bit to her right. This turned out to be good because I was on the far right cable so I had the perfect view of everyone else. As you can see and hear in the video, it was an awesome ride. They took photos with a telephoto set up along the way. I almost never buy “ride” pictures, but these two…. I had to have….

20140701_120842 20140701_120852 I just love the big smile on my bride…… not to mention my own big grin!

Besides the ride, and foregoing any other tours, we walked around the area that they had set up. There was a sidewalk headed toward town with nice ocean views….

They also had a half mile nature trail through the woods…. very pretty… it finished on a beach area. I noticed tide was out so I investigated a bit. There were Sea Anemones squirting water everywhere. (Could not catch one on video/picture) Lots of mussels and an occasional Sea Star.

At the end of the trail they had a fire waiting in case you needed to warm up….

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