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Alaska 2014 – Days 11 – 13

Day 11 of our trip found us at Ketchikan Alaska.  First thing in the morning I got up and ran a 30 minute run on deck 12. I have no idea how far or how fast. I lost count of laps and GPS is useless on a moving ship, so I did not have it on.

Once disembarking, we smartly avoided the expensive tours to go see totem poles. Instead we caught the city bus and headed north to Totem Bight State Park. It was free and it was beautiful They had a number of totems to check out. Next door to it was a private park called Pot Latch. We wandered into it and saw a couple of tours underway. There was no gate and no “no trespassing” sign. A few minutes later the tours got back into their bus and the park was deserted. We wandered around to see even more totems…… and some classic cars.

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Adjacent to Pot Latch park was a gift store. We were hanging out in it, waiting for the bus. The proprietor asked me what we were planning on doing with the rest of our day. I mentioned that we were thinking on going to the Lumber Jack show. He said, it was “Okay, if you like that sort of thing.” But then suggested we go back into town and hire a taxi to take us south of town to a river where the salmon were running in hopes of spotting a bear or two.

It sounded like fun to us, so we did. Our taxi guide, a Ketchikan native, took us just a little south of town to a bank overlooking a river. We watched the water and could see that there were Salmon swimming around, but there were no bears. We were about to give up, when I spotted one. Across the river from us, one came out from under a board walk. He just sat there for quite a while. He seemed interested in the fish, but no enough to actually go in and try to catch one. After a while he disappeared back under the walkway and into the forest. A short while later Cheryl spotted one. He came out from the brush directly below where we had been standing. He had been withing 50 feet of us all along. He trounced out across the river and also headed into the forest. I just missed him in the picture.

Afterward we finished our port shopping. Oh, btw, in a previous post I explained about how they use free trinkets to get you into the shops.  Some free color changing rings got us into the Del Sol store. Cheryl successfully resisted, but I ended up with some new shades. They went great with my suit, as I got ready for formal night on the ship..

Day 12 was a final sea day. It was a day of rest. The weather was pretty cold and windy and the ship got to rocking a little much to go for a run.

Day 13, the 4th of July, was the final day of our trip. Once again, I got up early and went for one last run on deck. The ship went under a big bridge and made its way through Vancouver harbor. This time I did wear GPS, but since the ship was moving I have no idea how far I went. I ran 30 minutes. The ship was moving so slowly that at times the watch would pause. When I ran toward the back of the ship, it thought I was stopped. It had me at 2.9 miles in 21 minutes when I probably ran 3.25 in 30. The GPS map, however, is interesting. (Once we arrived in Vancouver, we flew home!)

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