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The Vacation is Over ….

Time to get back to work…. As I stated, before vacation, I have a plan provided by Greg McMillan of compliments of the people at Elliptigo. The plan is intended to get me to PR shape for a 10K in December. One unique aspect of the plan, of course is using the Elliptigo, significantly for cross training. The plan actually started the first Monday of vacation. It called for 3 runs and 3 cross training workouts per week. I was a little short on the first week. I did 3 runs if you count the 1 mile run to get the rental car in Juneau and the 1 mile after returning it. On week two I did the first two runs on the ship. The third run was yesterday. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

As for cross training, between the two 20 mile tandem rides, and the 2 hour kayaking, I did more than enough minutes. It is just that all that cross training occurred very early in the vacation….

So yesterday I headed out to do my longest run yet. I did a loop around my part of town 6.5 miles …. I was feeling pretty done by the time I finished.

Today, the plan called for a choice of a 35 minute recovery run or a 50-60 minute Elliptigo ride. Seeing as I was so tired completing the Saturday long run and that I had just run two consecutive days, I opted for the Elliptigo. So, I got up and rode to Hillview and back this morning before heading off to church. Pretty sure I had my best on the Elliptigo going there. It is hard to tell though as my times on the road bike and the Elliptigo are all mixed together on Strava….

I completed the day with a Clayve.  My daughter Annie joined Clay, Kendall, Zac and I for a workout.  Kendall made a list of things to do on a white board and we each did two sets… pretty fun!

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