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HDR workout mystery ….

Last night I did my first “speed” workout of my PR Initiative training plan. Actually the workout was a stride workout. The instructions were to do 15-20 minutes warm up, 8-10 strides of 20s each with 1 minute recovery jog between and 15-20 minute cool down. I adapted the workout for our Tuesday night speed workout. Kyra, Oscar, Natalie and Jesse joined me.

We ran a 1 mile warm up and did our warm up routine of leg swings, etc. Next we ran a 6 minute optional interval. I gave everyone the option of more warm up or a tempo pace interval. Oscar, Natalie and I ran it at just a couple seconds under 8 min pace. We regrouped and started the strides. I set my watch to beep every 80 seconds and told everyone to push the pace for 100 meters every time I blew my whistle. They had the remainder of the 80 seconds to jog a recovery. We followed up with another 8 min pace 6 minute interval and another mile cool down.

Afterwards I headed over to the Clayve. Jim Haskett and Rachel (recent DC graduate -runner) joined Zac, Clay and I. Some of us (especially I) were sore in the hams from Sunday, so we concentrated on upper body. We played catch with a medicine ball for awhile and did a series of exercises – pull ups, rowing machine, bench press, etc.

Now for the mystery. I ran the HDR workout with my Garmin. I downloaded the file to Garmin Connect which automatically syncs to both Strava and Training Peaks. When I look at Strava it says I ran 5.7 miles in 44:25 – 7:48 pace. When I look at Training Peaks it says I ran 5.7 in 56:12 – 9:12. Training Peak’s total time includes time while I was stopped so that explains the difference. But the mystery is how could it come up with an average pace of 7:48 while running….. I know that GPS is not too accurate on a track workout, but this is ridiculous…..

One last thing before I publish this post. I have two big goals for the remainder of this year. One is to follow the training plan that I have as close as possible and see where it leads me. The other is to lose weight. After a couple of months with reduced and/or non existent training my weight is up to 172.  172 is certainly not bad. This is the weight I first qualified for Boston. Still my body fat percentage is around 20 percent and I would be much fitter and faster if I could drop at least 5 percent of that. Clay asked me to post my weight here each day, like I used to, to keep me accountable….. Thanks Clay….. I think…..

I will resume with mileage totals as well – this week, this month, this year.

Weight/Body Fat: 171.8 / 21.9
Miles Run: 5.7 / 20.1 / 536
Miles Cycle: 0 / 0 / 330
Miles Elliptigo: 0 / 12.2 / 101

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