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I was scheduled for a 60 minute Elliptigo ride yesterday, but I could not squeeze it in. Well, if I got up early enough I could have, but I opted to postpone it until this morning.  Now that I think of it, my plan has Mondays as my scheduled day or rest, which is great during the school year, but for the summer, Wednesday might work better. I think I will switch it. Anyway, So today I got up to go for a 60 minute Elliptigo ride per my training plan. 1.69 miles into the ride I adjusted my Garmin on the handle bar and hit the power button. I accidentally shut it off so I had to restart it for the remainder of the ride. On Strava it will show up as two rides.

Speaking of Strava, I set up a new account under a different name – Dale Elliptigo Lister. This way I could join the Strava Elliptigo Club and have my rides and totals compared with others. Since ALL cycling rides go on their leader boards, I had to set up this different account. Otherwise my road bike mileage would mess things up. A bonus of this new account is that I can see my segment records for strava rides separate from road bike rides.

Weight/Body Fat: 171.4 / 21.5
Miles Run: 0 / 20.1 / 536
Miles Cycle: 0 / 0 / 330
Miles Elliptigo: 13 / 25 / 114

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