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First XC race of the season

And the first race since the surgery….

and all that time off recovering….

and all that time taking it easy waiting for it…..

I am not in the shape I was last year….

Which was not the shape I was in a couple of years before that…..

Still, it was not that bad. I ran the mile race as my “warm up.” Except, it occurred to me that I may place higher in my age group in the mile race so once I got going I pushed it just a little bit. I started in the very back and consistently passed people all the way through. I finished in about 8:27 in 21st place, (I think).

In the 3 mile race I tried to see if I could keep up with David Weary. He is in my age group and I knew he would be hard to beat. I was able to hang with him for about 3/4 miles. When we made the climb coming up out of the low point of the basin he pulled away. Fighting the headwind across the soccer park starting the 2nd mile he consistently pulled away farther. As you enter the gate from the south park into the basin, about half way through the race you there is a loop which leads to some two way traffic. I saw my former student Jason Flores coming down ahead of me. Erik Ruble was right behind him. Oscar was maybe 10s back. The guy with the bandana that beat me all last year was another 20s behind Oscar. I gave him a high five.

On the back stretch along the freeway Tom Grady passed me. I do not think he has ever beat me before, but I have noticed that he has been running very well the last few years and has often been right behind me. As we finished the back loop Lance Close passed me.  The only runners to pass during the last part were high school boys who had obviously ran very easy the first part of the race.  I finished in 25:25, about 2 minutes slower than my best last year (23:20) or my personal course record of 23:18 in 2012. I actually expected worse though, so I am happy to have done it as well as I did.

This morning, btw, the Hillview runners, including Oscar and Dora, ran a Jamba run. I felt fatigued from the race but otherwise felt good!  Yeah!

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight 169.4
Body Fat 21.5
Miles Run 14 14 28 544
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 0 13 25 114

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