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Run n Go

My Elliptigo PR Initiative training plan called for a run and Elliptigo back to back combination workout today. I believe the actual write up said 45 -60 minutes of each. So, I headed out the door and ran 30 minutes heading toward Marie Kerr Park. I got there and stopped at the drinking fountain by the restrooms at 29:50. I turned and ran back by the same route. The return trip which has a net elevation gain took about 1 minute longer. So I ran 6.9 miles 61 minutes.

When I got home I traded my running cap for my bicycle helmet, put on a water bottle fanny pack and headed out on the Elliptigo. My last couple of “1 hour” rides have been to/from Hillview and I keep getting back in less than an hour. I headed to Hillview once again and had a great ride on my Hillview Bound strava segment. It took me 23:05 to get there which is a Elliptigo PR by about 2 minutes. It ranks #4 compared with my road bike times – the KOM is 22:06. The Towncenter 30th to Fire Station segment was a pr by 8s on the Elliptigo and only 6s shy of my road bike best time.  Once I got to Hillivew I continued up to RV Blvd and rode down to Ave N.

I knew that the Quartz Hill High Cross Country Team was at Walgreens having a car wash so I figured I would drop in. I visited a few minutes than rode down N to 45th to begin the return trip. On the way back I was starting to feel pretty tired, but I was able to keep a decent pace. I finished back at my house having gone 14.7 miles in 1:02 – 14.3 average mph!

Today’s combination allows for some interesting run vs Elliptigo comparisons. The total elapsed time for each portion is within 1 minute of each other. My average heart rate running was 120. My average heart rate while Elliptigoing was 126.  Training Peaks calculated a Training Stress Score for the run at 77.9, while the Elliptigo was 58.8.  The calories burned running was 632 compared to 670.  Strava gave the run a Suffer Score of 56 but the Elliptigo only a 27.  According to what I have learned, running and elliptigo riding at equal heart rates should have equal effects on your body. Therefore, Training Peak’s Training Stress Score and Strava’s Suffer Score should be close to equal for the two portions of todays workout. Training Peaks is off a bit at 77.9 vs 58.8.   Strava is WAY off at 56 vs 27.

Training Peaks calculation for the run uses a formula just for running, while for cycling (or Elliptigoing) without a power meter, it is based solely on the heart rate. The different formulas result in the different scores.

I am not sure, though, how Strava comes up with a suffer score. If, in both case it is based on heart rate, you would think that they should have come out close to the same. I think I will ask the elliptigo people abou this….

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Body Fat
Miles Run 7 21 35 544
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 15 28 40 129

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