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Tweaking the plan

I wonder how much I could/should tweak my training plan….  This week it called for Easy 35 minutes or Elliptigo Sunday and Monday off.   I switched the days and did the easy 35 on Monday.  I am sure that is an acceptable switch.

Tuesday it called for the following:

15 to 20 minute Warm-Up + Fartlek Workout: 8 to 10 times 1 minute at slightly faster than 5K effort with 1 minute recovery jog + 15 to 20 minute Cool-down

Here is what I ended up doing:

1 mile Warm-Up, 4 minutes at Marathon Pace, 10 times 200 meters (probably around 50s) with 200 meter recovery, another 4 minutes at Marathon Pace, 1 mile cool down.  This is pretty close actually. I would have used time but I forgot to bring my Timex Triathlon watch to the HDR workout. It has an awesome timer feature where I could set it to beep every minute. I was running with my Garmin, and I could have programmed it to do the same, if I had thought to do so earlier…  The two 4 minute MP are a bit of a compromise between warm-up or cool-down and extending the workout.  It actually worked fairly well. The 10 reps was my goal and I yelled TIME when I was complete.  Speedier people like Christian Powers, Camden Smith and Herschel Smith were up to 13 by then. Everyone there, I believe had completed 9 by that time.

Today the plan calls for 45 – 60 minutes ElliptiGO run:

I have yet to do so. Last week I moved this to Thursday morning, but I think it affected the Thursday evening XC series race. In lieu of this, yesterday morning I ran and worked out with my Hillview team. We did my Sweet 16 workout.  Of course, this substitution is not quite the same….. The calorie burn would probably be similar but the workout was more intense with short bursts of effort compared to an Elliptigo run.

Oh, and of course, last night was the Tuesday night Clayve workout. We did more work on general strength conditioning…. Clay always makes it fun and interesting.

Good News on the scale this morning!  I HAVE measured most every morning, but I have frankly failed to report some of the upward spikes. I have noticed over the years that I am better behaved during the week and have my best readings mid – week. On Friday evening we have a Bible study with a pot-luck. We may also go out or otherwise caloricly splurge. Overall, though, I am headed in the right direction

On my chart, it is Today’s weight but yesterday’s miles….

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  168.4
Body Fat  21.2
Miles Run 9.1 13.1 48.4 564.3
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 0 0 40 129

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  1. Interested in reading your training reflections. I have been using my elliptigo to train my running and love it! Got it when on vacation in San Diego three years ago. Hadn’t even seen them before but was struggling with running injuries at the time and hoped the GO would give me the freedom to ‘run’. I am returning to San Diego for vacation this March and want to try to climb Palomar. Actually want to do one climb on my bike and one on the GO. I need to figure out a plan on how to combine that with Ironman training. The problem I have so far is that my 8 speed GO is on a fluid trainer for the winter and I can’t get enough tension to train for strength on the GO. Any ideas? Gail

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