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Kayaking, racing, etc….

Wednesday I took the day off.

Thursday I went to Marina Del Rey with Clay, Tania and Kendall to do some Kayaking. Clay has two 1 person kayaks and a tandem. At first he and I used the tandem but then we switched with the ladies. We rode from the boat launch in the harbor around the breakwater and did a beach landing. I had never attempted a beach landing in a kayak before and I thought it might get interesting. So, I turned on a video camera I had on my vest and headed into shore.

After having some lunch I tried it again, successfully….. As reported in Clay’s Blog and shown in his video….

Later in the evening I headed over to Pelona Vista. I got caught up in advertising the AV Fair Wave Race and did not warm up. I jumped into the 1 mile race. I noted the absence of Steve Brumwell and figured that if I pushed the pace I could win my age group.  I did. My time was not impressive at almost 8 minutes… (the course is probably a little long and it was VERY windy…. that’s my excuses…. other than not being back in shape, etc…)  I did my leg swings and such to try to get ready for the 3 but my legs already felt shot. I got in line but at the last minute figured that nothing good could come out of it. So I backed out and did an extra good job handing out flyers for the race.

This morning I made up for the race by speeding up into tempo pace during our Hillview run. The first mile I slowly went faster and faster. The second mile was sub 8 pace. Again, I felt like I was working hard enough to be sub 7, so I have some work to do….

This made up for the missed race last night, pretty much, but now I have missed today’s scheduled Elliptigo ride. I am having a hard time blending an Elliptigo ride into a Hillview practice day. I have to drive to the park as I bring an ice chest full of goodies to reward my runners. (every 25 miles they get to choose something from the ice chest..)  If I could ride to Marie Kerr and then ride with them and then ride home it would work better…. Oh well, there are only two more weeks of practice to figure out and then school will resume. At that point if I need an Elliptigo ride, I just ride to/from school.

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.5
Miles Run 4 17 52 568
Miles Cycle 0 0 0 330
Miles Elliptigo 0 0 40 129

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