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Run, Go, Ride Tri

I did a triathlon today! Not your conventional tri, there was no swimming. I ran, rode the Elliptigo and rode my road bike.  My workout plan called for a 70 minute steady paced run followed immediately by a 50 minute Elliptigo run.  I knew Clay was doing multiple rides over Godde pass chasing the Rapha Rising Strava Challenge –(read his blog here) so I planned on maybe going for a ride with him to help him finish his run.

I loaded the Go and the Fuji (road bike) into the van and headed over to the aqueduct and 60th. I wanted a flat course for the run and for the GO, for a change. I ran from 60th to the siphon behind Highland and back but got there too quickly so I crossed 60th and added about 3/4 mile more to finish the 70 minutes. I ran 8.5 in 70 minutes 30 seconds – an 8:18 pace. Seeing as how yesterday’s “Tempo” effort was a mile and a half at 7:59, eight and a half miles at 8:18 was VERY encouraging!

Immediately after the run, I unloaded my GO, drank some water and headed west on the aqueduct. The wind was starting to pick up, so I was not able to get up to full speed. I headed west 20 minutes and turned back. I figured it would be nice to break up the wind fighting even if I had to GO past the car, past 60th and then turn and fight it some more at the end. On my way east I encountered Christian Powers who was running with his wife(on a bicycle). I turned and rode with them for a few minutes.  Christian was not running fast enough for me however, so I turned back to the east and continued on my way. In the vicinity of 60th, as I started the ride, and as I crossed mid ride, I got comments from other riders….. People sure notice the GO when you GO by.  I did have to fight some wind at the end of my ride. I totaled 11.6 miles in 53 minutes 11 seconds: 12.7 average mph.

I had just finished when I noticed Clay making his way up 60th. He stopped for about 5 minutes. I put the GO away and got the Fuji out. As we discussed the plan I realized that I would have to ride back up to the aqueduct to finish. We decided instead that I would meet him at his house after he finished his last Goode Pass traversal. I got a much needed break. I drove up to the top of Goode and filmed him as he climbed back up from the Elizebeth Lake side.

Once Clay and I were both at his place we headed out once again. Clay needed 10.2 miles (or so he thought) to reach 130 km and the Great Fondu (or something like that) Challenge. We rode up 70th west all the way to the top by the aqueduct and rode it again almost to the top – to M8. Finishing the 10.2 miles. It turned out, though that Clay finished with 129km….. He is going to try again next weekend.  I finished with 10.4 miles in 45:48 – average speed 13.6 with 906 ft Elevation gain.

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.5
Miles Run 8.5 25 52 568
Miles Cycle 10.4 10 0 340
Miles Elliptigo 11.6 11.6 52 141

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