My training plan called for a 60 minute recovery Elliptigo ride. As I did it, I appreciated that the word “recovery” was placed into the description of what I was supposed to do. My upper legs did not feel fresh and ready to GO as I got started. They continued to be wearisome the entire ride. I rode past Hillview and continued from Bolz Ranch Road onto 45th west deciding to simply turn around at 30 minutes.

I turned around near the corner of M8.  It was then that I noticed that the breeze was coming from the south. 4 of the returning miles were uphill and upwind. In total I rode 14 miles in 66 minutes. (6 minutes longer for the return trip…)

TODAY This Week This Month 2014
Weight  170.2
Body Fat  20.0
Miles Run 25 52 568
Miles Cycle 10 0 340
Miles Elliptigo 14 26 66 155

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