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Clayve and run

Last night, Sunday, I headed over for the Clayve workout. I arrived maybe 10 minutes early. The garage door was open so I walked up and went in. There was no one around. It was set up for action however…..

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Kendall had been hard at work coming up with a fun, yet challenging plan. These photos show the chalk on the sidewalk instructions for 4 of the 7 stations she had set up.  The seven stations were:

1) PULL UPS and HANGING AB CRUNCHES….. this was something new. There were these two padded slings hanging from the pull up bar. You put your fore arms through, grab the top and let your body hang down. Then you bring your knees to your elbows…
2) Band Walks and Dead Lifts of bar bell
3) Jump Rope and Ball to Wall – squat with medicine ball and then throw ball against rafter…
4) Battle Rope and some type of squat…. I forgot the name.  We held a kettle bell at chest level in front of us.
5) Rowing Machine and Box up and overs (step up, turn around, step down the other side..)
6) Medicine Ball catch and throws  on lawn
7) Band Pulls

Clay coached, and assisted, while Kendall, Tonia, Rachel and I worked out. We were in teams of two. Rachel and I were together. We had two minutes at each station. We could trade off in the middle of the two minutes at will. I started with pull ups while Rachel did the crunches. It turned out I was about as good as crunches as she was at pull-ups, but she was way better at crunches than I was at pullups. We added our totals together. On this and the  remaining stations the two of us scored lots of points. The challenge to do whatever it was for 30s straight turned the strength work into a strength/cardio workout.

I was especially pleased with my jump roping. I have not done much of it lately, but during my minuted I did 114 straight, without a single miss! After the routine above was done I went for some double jumps.  I am just starting to get used to these. I have to do three singles in between…. jump, jump, jump, double jump….. still I often fail to get the double and have rarely got two doubles in a row, in this pattern. I tried a bit and did 6 doubles in the pattern!  Kendall demonstrated consecutive doubles… impressive!

We had a hanging ab crunch contest in which I got beat badly…. I could only do 8.  Clay and Rachel each did 25, Kendall 24.

It was a fun workout….. I think Clay took some video…

This morning, I went ahead and ran with the Hillview team. For the first time this summer I took them away from the park and up into the hills. I had one mom with me in case I had someone who could not keep up. Her daughter and one other fell way off the pace so she took them on a shortcut back to the park. The rest of us did about 4.5 miles on the trials.  I took it easy…. We had to stop 5 or 6 times to stay together…. for me it was a recovery run…. for most of them, a long run…

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