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Speed and Clayve

This morning, I coached… that is, I did not run with the Hillview kids. The main part of their workout was to put them in groups of three for a continuous 200ish meter relay…

This evening, a bunch of us met at Joe Walker to work out. I had time to get in 5 laps to warm up. We did 8 x 2 minutes with only 1 minute to recover. This meant that we did not attempt to regroup each time we just jogged onward and kept going.  I felt good…. not as fast as prior to surgery…. but I felt good. I averaged around 450 meters for each 2 minutes, typically I get 480 to 530…. but I will get back there.

Afterwards I headed over to the Clayve. This time it was just the guys. We had Clay, Zac, Jim Haskett and I. We tossed some medicine balls around to warm up. I felt like I was the weak link, especially when we were using the 20 pound ball.  Clay had us do a few contests – Jim and I against Clay and Zac. First, we did pull ups. Jim and I got to use the big thick green helping band. We still lost.  Next it was a rowing contest. One of us had to do3 minutes and one of us 2.  Clay started doing the 3 for his team. He got a couple of minutes in and faded a bit, due to the HUGE amount of climbing he has done the last few day as part of his Ralpha Rising Challenge. Jim did the 3 for us. He held strong and got us a 59 meter lead.  Zac was next. He rowed a little conservatively for a minute and went crazy for the next.  It was my turn and I had the advantage of knowing exactly what I needed to do…. 480 meters…  I actually pushed the first minute at a pace I knew I could keep and would get us the win… for a minute and then I tried to pick it up as well.  I ended up 10 meters behind Zac, but it was easily enough to get Jim and I the win. Yeah!

We added some kettle bell lifts, some hanging ab-crunches, some swinging on the rings, oh, and earlier the four of us kept the battle rope going for 5 straight minutes…. Thanks to Jim for going first… and last…


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