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My schedule has called for a 60 minute Elliptigo Run each Wednesday so far. I have had a hard time fitting this one in. One week I saved it for Thursday. Another week I substituted an extra Tuesday run, etc…  It occurred to me, today, that I could take the Elliptigo on the Block Bicycles’ Wednesday Night Cycology group ride. I have done many of these over the years. They are always fun.

The group meets on Wednesday nights and rides around the streets of Lancaster, starting at 7:30 pm. Most of the ride is in the dark. The group is always nice and big though, so there are no worries about being seen in the dark. The rides are typically around 20 miles at around 10-12 miles per hour. Usually, Cheryl and I take our tandem on these rides. I have taken my road bike out there as well, which makes for a VERY easy ride.

Tonight’s ride seemed slow. Well, it is at a relaxed pace. The thing is that on the Elliptigo I cannot ride “easy.”  On a bicycle, your weight is on the seat so you can apply light pressure and leisurely ride down the road. On the Elliptigo you are standing and you cannot help but put your weight into each stride. If the gear is set easy you push against too little resistance and your body becomes unstable. So you keep the gear high enough to provide enough resistance high enough to provide support to keep you body in a stable position.  Consequently, in order to ride slow you have to coast a lot.

I need to work on this stability issue. They have videos on the Elliptigo site that discuss proper riding. I was looking at them today and have discovered that I need to work on my one handed riding. With practice I should be able to ride with one hand while pedaling. Right now I have to coast if I take a hand off the handle bar. The problem so far is that when I break the solidness of my hips by trying to pedal I lose the stability of the whole system and my hands have to compensate. Once I get better, my core will be able to hold the stability of my body and the Ego (short for Elliptigo) with minimal support from my hand(s).

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