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Run – Ride – n Slide

Another Saturday, a slightly longer run, another Elliptigo ride.  The plan this time was to run for 80 minutes and GO for 50. Like last week, I headed up to 60th on the aqueduct. I headed south east. Last week it was actually cloudy and a little cool. Today, not so much. As I ran I had to run through the duldrums. The doldrums are areas at the equator and around 30 degrees north and south where there does not tend to be much wind out the the oceans due to the convection pattern in the atmosphere. So, as I ran there was a section of a couple of miles where there was no wind, no cooling effect, just heat. On top of that, I think I was feeling the effects of Thursday night’s big HDR XC race effort. All this to say, I did not run as fast today as last week. In my 80 minutes, well 81, I finished exactly 9 miles.

I guzzled a bunch of water, took a gel, got out the Elliptigo and started a ride. As I was preparing to ride quite a few cyclists went by on their way up Goode. I figured perhaps even Clay could be out there trying to finish his Ralpha Rising challenge…( check his blog, I now know that he finished last night! ) So, tired as I was, I headed out of the Aqueduct parking area, made a left turn and headed toward the top of Goode pass. On my way, a couple of cyclist caught me. I was gaining on a third, but I never caught him.  I made it to the top, turned and coasted down. I headed southeast on the aqueduct and rode to the Highland siphon and back.I ended up riding 10.4 miles in a little under 53 minutes…

I made it home just in time to shower and head over to church for our annual VBS program. As the last few years, we had this big inflatable slip n slide. I got out there running and racing against the kids and some of the other adults. I felt pretty spry and quick out there in spite of the tiredness of the morning work.

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