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1500 – a day worthy of a post

This is post number 1500 on this blog!  I have held off since Saturday to make sure that the 1500th post would be something worth writing about. Sunday I took a day of rest. Well, a day of rest from running and riding. I DID go to Clay’s for yet another awesome Clayve workout. Kendall had it all set up again. We did some team competition and Rachel and I killed it!!  Monday I ran a few easy miles with the Hillview runners at the park. Today I had to step it up….

First, I headed over to Marie Kerr for my practice with the Hillview runners.  We did our 1.5 mile warm up and then we got serious. My Elliptigo PR Initiative training plan called for 10 repeats of 45 seconds with 75 seconds jogging recovery. As I thought about how I could adapt it to something for the students I came upon the idea of Partner Intervals. We used the path going around the field just west of the gym at the park. We had partners. My partner was a promising new 7th grade girl named Jennifer. She ran half way around the field while I jogged across the middle. Then, of course I jogged the other half. We kept it going till we did 10 reps. Some of the fastest teams did 12. Some of the slowest probably only did 6 or 7.  We finished with about a half mile cool down jog.

Then I drove to San Diego for an an AVID conference (teacher training.)  I left early enough to get here in the early afternoon. I got checked into my room and I got checked into the conference. Then I got on the GO!  I found my way on bike paths from my hotel to the beach. The path closest to the hotel is nice walking path but it is made of concrete segments that have been pushed up and down by the tree roots. I had to keep the speed down. As I got closer to the beach the afternoon sea breeze (headwind) became stronger and stronger. After a while, the path ended and I found myself on the beach. A pedestrian commented on how cool the bike was so I made here take a picture.  As I made my way back I stopeed several more times for some selfies….

I will try to get another ride or two in while I am here, though the schedule may make it difficult.

It is awesome though to think that at 1500 blog posts, I am running and riding and GOing and Clayving  and feeling pretty good while doing so!!

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