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and one….. San Diego continued

Yesterday I got up early and took off on the Go again. Coworker, Larry Oman brought his mountain bike and the two of us headed off in the same general direction as I had gone on Tuesday. We only had 40 minutes though so we did not go as far. We had a nice little ride.

I spent the race of the day in classes. We did not finish until 5. At that point the entire district had a dinner at one of the host hotels. While there, my principal invited me to go with him to the Padre’s game. Who am I to say no to the boss…. so we went. We took the trolley (local train system) to the game and back to the hotel. We did not get back till about midnight.

Since the night was late, and since I knew I would have a few hours free this afternoon, I slept in (till 6:30) and only allowed myself enough time to get to my morning sessions. After our afternoon session I headed out for my workout. The Elliptigo PR Inititaive Training Plan I have called for a “20 minute Steady State” run. The full description is 45 – 60 total minutes including 20 minutes at a tempo pace in the middle. I was supposed to look up my pace on the McMillan Calculator. This left me with a bit of a question. You are supposed to train at your current fitness. I have no good race time to input into the calculator to show my current fitness. But, based on recent XC race results, I figured as long as I was sub 8 pace I was doing well. I averaged 7:48 pace for a 2.5 mile segment… This was at 84 degrees with a 9 mph headwind going out and tail wind coming back..  After the tempo segment we continued for about 2.5 more for a total of 6 miles.

Two fellow teachers headed out for the run with me. A new teacher who will be working at Joe Walker just did the 1 mile warm up and then turned back. Fellow science teacher Kevin Bice hung with me the whole way.

Tomorrow I head home, after a day full of classes… but I will see about giving it one more GO (elliptigo ride…)

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