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Trail run, speed work and Clayving

Since my last post, Saturday, I have done 4 more workouts:

1) Sunday night Clayve workout – Kendall had some stations set up once again, but this time there was no timed competitive component.

2) Monday morning was our last Hillview club run of the summer. We ran a 6 miler from Marie Kerr Park up the trails to the Bunny Hill, down and under the aqueduct to 55th and then to McDonalds.  This was the first run of this length and difficulty for some of the new runners but they did fine. I even had a mom show up and surprise me by bringing up the rear. Not that she fell behind, she was able to keep an eye on the back of the pack.

3) Tuesday morning was back to work day for me, so no more morning run. I invited the kids to join me at the HDR track workout, but only 1 came. The one, Derek will likely be my top boy. He will be very hard to beat this year. He easily ran ahead of the next fastest tonight Justin Koo. Both of them were able to lap me in the course of the workout: 12 times 1 minute fast with 1 minute jogging recovery. I was getting about 250 meters per each 1 minute. The first 2 laps the recovery minute brought me exactly to the start line to begin the next. On laps 3 and 4 I started to drop off a bit on the recovery. On the next few I picked up the pace a bit on the recovery and worked past the 400 meter total. As it continued the recovery pace got stronger while I kept nailing the 250 fast portion.

4) After the speed workout I headed to the Clayve. Clay, Christian and I were the only Clayvers tonight. There was a list of exercises on the white board. We were to choose 5 and do 40 reps of each. We could break the 40 into sets of 10 or break it up however we chose. I chose to do the rowing machine, the underhand ball tosses (20 lbs), the step ups with weights, the ring pull ups, and the hanging ab crunches.  As we finished, and thought we were done, Clay announced that we had to do 20 reps of the options we had passed over. So, I added 20 bench presses, 20 pull ups, and 20 ball slams. It was a pretty tough workout all together.

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