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HDR Summer XC Race Series Finale

As I have been training, and recovering / rebuilding after the knee surgery, I have worked in a few of the Thursday night XC series races. The first one was on July 10. I finished in 25:25 – an 8:12 pace. The following week I only ran the 1 miler. The week after that I raced the 3 miler, but it was a NEW 3 miler. My time was 23:42 but the course was just barely (or maybe not quite) 3 miles. So, my pace was 7:54. Tonight I jogged the 1 miler, unofficially. I ran most of it with one of my new slower boys and prodded, encouraged him along. He worked really hard for an 11 something finish.

On the 3, I lined up to the right a few rows back but with nothing but High School boys ahead of me. The start went fairly smooth as they moved out ahead and pulled me along. I saw Joe Kim and tried to keep up with him but as we went around the first loop, I could tell he was slowly pulling away. To my surprise, after we finished the first loop we made a left signifying that we were doing the old course, not the new one from a couple of weeks ago. The weather was not too hot, but it was typically windy. I found someone and drafted him half way across the soccer field track path and then pulled ahead. Making the sharp uturn onto the path I spotted Adam Conoway’s white hat not too far back. I vowed to do my best to stay ahead of my fellow 50 something age group competitor. As the race went along I continued to spot him. A couple of times I thought I had pulled further ahead but at other times he seemed to be gaining. At the end of the race, at the top of the last hill he caught me. It was then that I realized it was some other guy.

I picked it up and was right on his heels going into the gate but he started kicking. I tried to kick and was maintaining my spot a few yards back but I could not gain. Alas, he beat me. I was pleased though that I had held off Carol Facenelli who was right behind me most of the race. At the table where you turn in your card, I got up next to the new guy paying close attention to what he wrote on the line where it says “age.”  His name was Les Counts, I think, and he was 46. Yeah! I said, audibly. He turned and I commented that, “You’re not in my age group!  Nice Race!”  He laughed. We talked some more later…

My time, unofficially was 24:05 – a 7:46 pace. I placed 2nd in my age group to Steve Brumwell – no surprise there. I was really happy with the results. I was still not quite at last year’s pace, but I was getting closer. My pace last year varied from 7:31 to 7:43 so tonights effort was in the ballpark….


Oh, last night I took the Elliptigo out and rode along on the Block Bicycle’s Cycology ride. I now call it the Cy-Go-logy ride. The pace is rather easy to maintain on the Go, but the amount of time standing, pedaling (and coasting) does build some fatigue as you maintain balance. I also took some time to try to practice riding and pedaling with one hand. It is still very difficult but I will continue to work on it…

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